23 anniversary employees with up to 45 years of service honored.

This year, at the Christmas party at our headquarters in Bubsheim, our long-standing employees and the entire team had two reasons to celebrate: the 10th, 25th, 40th and 45th anniversaries.

“We are unbelievably proud that we have such a strong workforce. Each individual member contributes to the fact that the Bubsheim location has been successful for so many years,” says the pleased CEO, Dr. Jürgen Häring. It is a nice sign, when you have such a loyal team: They go forward with a lot of experience and are role models for the many young team members from the Häring Academy.  What also speaks for the good team spirit is that each person celebrating was written a personalized acknowledgement by their colleagues that Miriam Häring read as the certificates were presented.

Those honored (as pictured, from left to right): Elmar Pfenning (40 years), Andreas Gretz (25 years), Andreas Kiess (25 years), Alexander Friedrich (25 years), Jewgeni Klimenko (10 years), Peter Siebert (25 years), Pavel Shishmarev (10 years),  Zeljko Kuti (10 years) – Miriam Häring, Dr. Jürgen Häring (presenters) – Armin Moser (40 years), Arkadiusz Majewski (10 years), Ingeborg Kille (45 years), Vitali Wertmann (10 years), Julia Kablanov (10 years), Jürgen Jeske (10 years), Martin Graupe (10 years), Sergej Sorich (10 years), Regine Hepp (10 years) Jakob Heinle (25 years), Robert Gehring (10 years). Not pictured: Eduard Friedrich (25 years) and 10 years each – Artur Hain, Simon Grünwald, and Elsa Hermann.

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