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4-fold awards for Häring Taicang

At the conference of the High-Tech Zone in Taicang, companies with outstanding achievements were honored. Häring Taicang was able to succeed in four areas at once.

Over 400 German companies have settled in Taicang since 1991 on an area of around 80 square kilometers. Originally called the Taicang Economic Development Area, or TCEDA for short, it was recently renamed the High-Tech Zone. An apt term, considering the innovative strength of the companies present here. At the regional conference of the High-Tech Zone, the companies with outstanding achievements in various fields were honored.

In four selected areas, Häring Taicang is among the 10 best companies. 

Three awards went to the company itself:

  • Advanced company in scientific and technological innovation in 2021.
  • Advanced company for high-quality development in 2021
  • Advanced company in intelligent manufacturing in 2021.

A fourth award was also given to our Sino-German Friendship Kindergarten in Taicang in the field of "Sino-German integrated development in 2021".

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