Apprentices caught the travel bug

Language study trip, experience abroad, an internship and cultural diversity are all inclusive. Two apprentices went to England for four weeks.

England – the land of the queen, nearly unlimited sightseeing opportunities, tea time and diversity. Our two commercial apprentices Nadine Domscheit and Sarah Schnekenburger visited England for four weeks. "We place a great value on high-quality training. After all, it's the first important step on a long career path. So it's good to create memories that people will remember fondly down the road – to create life experiences," explained Miriam Häring regarding the commitment toward the apprentices.

During the four-week stay in Plymouth, Häring not only kept paying their regular salary but also all expenses for the trip – including a language class. And that's also how things started in the first week: Pronunciation exercises, grammar exercises, reading exercises. "There were many other students from countries such as Poland, Italy, Spain and Brazil that we got to know. It was a great multi-cultural experience," said Nadine Domscheit and Sarah Schnekenburger – both of whom are in their third year of the apprenticeship. In the following three weeks, they got to apply their language skills in a work setting during their internship. While Sarah Schnekenburger worked in the Marketing department of a clothing store, Nadine Domscheit dedicated her time to bookkeeping – including conversations with customers – in a small law firm. "Four weeks of adventure, new culture and, of course, foreign language challenges. We are very happy that we were given this opportunity," the two apprentices said.

Higher, further, more spectacular: Especially at a time in which a trip to foreign countries has almost become a status symbol, international experience is very high on the to-do list of young talents. "Together with the Erwin-Teufel school in Spaichingen, which organized the trip, we made it possible for these two apprentices to take this trip abroad. We know there is an ever-increasing desire of going abroad, and the advantages that this has for us encourage our team to gather experiences even outside of those organized by schools. Because that's precisely what awaits them in their professional life," said CEO Dr. Jürgen Häring in emphasizing the importance of international experience.

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