“Don’t just talk, tackle.“

Around 300 participants attend the INTER-ETS lecture ”Consistent Digitization” at Anton Häring KG.

„He who does what he can, stays what he is.“ – this quote could be read by the guests of the INTER-ETS lecture on one of the slides from the keynote speaker Christian Thönes (CEO of DMG MORI AG).  Throughout the evening it became increasingly more clear how much the digital transformation affects the machine and tool industry and the manufacturing companies in the region, as well as how great these changes will revolutionize everyday work.

Keywords such as the „Internet of Things,” “Platform Economy,” “Pay Per Use,” “Industry 4.0,” and “Artificial Intelligence,” made it clear that the intelligent production of tomorrow will have little to do with what is understood yesterday as manufacturing processes. Dr. Jürgen Häring made it clear in his informative supplementary speech that with this aspect, the training concepts have to change and adapt to the new conditions accordingly: “In a working group of companies from the Heuberg-Donautal region, which includes Hermle and Häring as well as the IHK and the Furtwangen University, we are currently working on new study solutions to safeguard the future of our economic region. It is crucial that we can only tackle the challenges of digitization together. This is what our Industrial Campus concept aims for with two new courses of study.” According to Häring, this means a whole new form of economic cooperation that is essential for mastering the issues of the future – for example, “integrated digitalization.”

“Now is not the time to sit back and rest on business success – it’s time to work on a better tomorrow, optimize processes, and digitize industry.” says Robert Pemsel, Commercial Director of Anton Häring KG and Board member of Inter-ETS. “Not just talking, but tackling,” was the motto with which the guests were released into the evening. The get-together after the lectures made it clear once again that there is a lot of need for discussion and that the topic of digitization has hit a nerve.

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