Facts & Figures

The family business Häring combines strength and size with a sense of family and team spirit. Each employee contributes to customer satisfaction and therefore to the success of the Group. Behind each number, which is also an inspiration for the future, there is a team member who made it possible. Find out here what our teams are currently accomplishing ...

Anton Häring KG

Strength and size for the mobility of the future

Häring is always guided by customer requests. It is set up with great flexibility in mind and can therefore react very quickly to requests and challenges. Our know-how, resources and technologies are specifically devolped for large-scale production.



precision parts are manufactured each day in Bubsheim alone.


special tools are manufactured in the in-house tool shop each year.



employees develop and produce parts for customers across the globe



production machines manufacture top precision in Bubsheim.

production area (in sq m):
On the road for our customers

80 shipments per day

begin their journey to our customers from Bubsheim alone.

273,500 kilometers

That is the distance a Häring truck travels each year.

4 continents

with Häring locations means customer proximity across the globe.

0 in-house warehouses

need to be maintained by our customers because the speed, wide range of services and vertical integration of Häring make them obsolete.

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Good to know

0.6 µ.

That is the precision with which Häring manufactures precision parts on a large scale (human hair: approx. 70 µ).


old. That's the average age of our committed management team.

Nearly 100%

Precision parts from Häring can be found in nearly all cars in the world.

Only 5 seconds

That's how long the production of a simple turned part takes.

15 trucks

filled with raw materials are unloaded in Bubsheim each day.

4 trucks

commute between Bubsheim and Piotrków Trybunalski (Poland) each day.

33,000 kilometers

That is the distance of material Häring process each year if they were placed end to end in a single line

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Häring innovation laboratory

The innovation powerhouse

Constant change requires forward-thinking development of technologies and processes. Solely for this purpose, Häring operates an innovation lab, in which well-trained and experienced experts discuss, research, and develop new technology and processes alongside promising young talent. And they always keep an eye on how they can help our customers.

The areas in which the Häring teams are innovating include:

  • New production methods
  • Automation
  • Optimization options due to digitization
  • Industry 4.0 / Smart Factory
  • Use of virtual reality tools
  • Lean management
  • Process innovation

Are you interested in how you can benefit from the Häring innovation laboratory? We are looking forward to your questions: Contact

Travel tip Heuberg

Bubsheim in Baden-Württemberg – definitely worth a trip!

The region surrounding our headquarters is an area of stunning beauty in which you do not just experience the precision of our high-tech production, but also enjoy unique landscapes and culinary delights.

We invite you to visit us in Bubsheim and combine the trip with a small tour of the "Region of the 10 Thousanders" (10 mountains with an elevation of at least 1,000 meters) – we promise that it will be worth it.

... ask us about our special tips: Contact

The region of the


ANTONIS – Häring's company restaurant – is not just open to employees and their families as well as former staff but, obviously, also to our guests.



hours per day. Those are the opening hours of our company restaurant in China.



seats. That's the occupancy of ANTONIS in Bubsheim.


events per year are held at ANTONIS in Bubsheim.


delicious. That not only applies to local specialties like Swabian raviolis, Swabian sausages and cheese noodles but also dishes from across the world.