43 junior employees start their careers in Bubsheim

Häring welcomes 27 trainess and 16 students onto the team.

Just in time for the start of training in 2018, 43 junior employees begin their in-house internships with us in the technical, commercial, or academic field. With the new trainees and students, the number of junior employees has increased to 119.

“It delights us to be taking the first steps with our junior employees in their professional careers. A particular highlight for us is the high number of women who have decided to start their careersin a technical company” says Miriam Häring. Of the 43 new arrivals, 18 are women. From classical training in various commercial and technical fields  to dual studies in cooperation with the DHBW, the possibilities are vast. With the model “Studium Plus” we also offer the opportunity to complete an internship and work towards a degree simultaneously – an opportunity that will be offered again this year.

With the recently completed expansion of the academy, our junior employees now also have access to a completely new training concept. Based off of the well-known “Pier 9” in San Francicso, the junior staff can implement their own projects in the new creative room, the so-called “Pier 1” of the Häring Academy.

The career possibilities after the training are also tempting. For years our trainees and students have been among the best in their field and can successfully climb the career ladder with us. This year, Anton Häring KG took first place of the best training companies in Germany in the automotive supplier division. The result of the study from DEUTSCHLAND TEST and the business magazine FOCUS-Money can be found here: to article


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