Dr. Jürgen Häring appointed honorary citizen of Taicang

One of the highest honors of the city was received by Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Häring at the Chinese location of the family company – a great honor, which is closely linked to the commitment to the training and further education of young professionals.

Only four people were awarded the honorary citizenship of the metropolis Taicang on December 12th, 2018 during “the night of Loudong” – a New Year’s concert for foreign companies. In the speech, the city honored Dr. Jürgen Häring based on his engagement in the dual training system and education in Taicang in general, such as the building of the “Sino-German Friendship Kindergarten.”
“I am so delighted to be awarded an honorary citizenship, because it shows that we accept responsibility with our training concept and that this also benefits society,” said Dr. Jürgen Häring during the event. “At the same time, this success motivates us to systematically continue our chosen path with our other academies and our diverse range of junior staff at our other locations in Germany, Poland, and the USA.”

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