Spring Meeting with the IHK general assembly at Häring.

In the beginning of April, the general assembly of the IHK Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg visited Häring in Bubsheim. They used the spring meeting to promote the upcoming European elections.

In a press release from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce SBH, IHK-President Birgit Hakenjos-Boyd was quoted saying:

“Through the Resolution of the Middle Class, the general assembly advocates for the diversity, opportunity, and cooperation of a united Europe. It emphasizes the European community’s positive contribution to the region’s economy and its citizens. It declares Europe a place of exchange, freedom, and a free internal market. For the success of the European project, it hopes for bold action, a readiness to accept greater responsibility, and answers to crucial questions concerning the future of Europe.”

(origin: https://www.nrwz.de/wirtschaft/fuer-ein-gemeinsames-europa/226825)

It was a pleasure for Anton Haering KG to be able to host the assembly and could only agree with the resolution, as Dr. Juergen Haering explained: “As a family owned and operated company headquartered in Bubsheim, and with locations on four continents, we know all too well how important a free market, a skilled workforce, and a responsible economy is. Since our inception, we have benefited from the societal engagement of offering workers from many countries a future. An isolationist has no future: only together can we overcome to challenges of tomorrow, as we observe both here in the Black Forest-Baar-Heuberg districts, as well as the rest of Europe. With innovative offerings like we see from the new industry-curriculums, we can retain our workforce and make this region more attractive.  Particularly after the upcoming European elections, the parties are asked, if it has to do with the improvement of the country’s digital infrastructure.”

Häring used the political gathering to introduce the participants to the new industrial study program and the  new Heuberg Industry Campus,  initiated jointly by different companies, including Häring and Hermle.  Detailed information regarding the contents can be found in our Career Portal: karriere.anton-haering.com/industrie-studium

Upon the final election of the IHK Foreign Trade Investment Committee we were able to congratulate the new chairman Bernd Seemann as well as the new deputy chairman Robert Pemsel (Managing Director at Anton Häring KG) on the new posts.

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