At its location in Taicang, Haering runs a “Sino-German” Kindergarten. The family business takes care of the children of its employees of various nationalities. Sina Walter, an apprentice studying residential care for children and young people at the Zinzendorfschulen, will complete the first half of her one-year apprenticeship there in Taicang.

Miriam Haering (managing director at Haering and voluntary head of the kindergarten) is happy to make this multinational program possible: “This is a great thing for all included. Sina Walter has an opportunity to combine the traditional German standards of learning with new practical experiences. The children in the kindergarten are thereby exposed to new ideas they would not ordinarily have access to. This is a great benefit to the Zinzendorfschulen and our family run business, but also for the prospective young professionals participating in the program.”

This won’t be, by the way, the only exchange taking place: it has already been planned to have three of the Chinese childcare workers come to Germany for an opportunity to experience the German apprenticeship program and work culture. A further intensifying of the cooperative relationship between Haering and the Zinzendorfschulen is in the works as well.


Pictured (left to right):
Katja Schmidt, Bea­trix Feld­mann, Ma­ria-El­ke Schoo-Schem­mann (all from the Zin­zen­dorf­schu­len), Mi­ri­am Hä­ring (Anton Hae­ring KG) and Sina Wal­ter (Apprentice at the Zin­zen­dorf­schu­len)

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