Study solutions to securing the future.

A future concept for study programs developed by a corporate working group with Häring in cooperation with the IHK, the HFU, and the ETS.

„Acting together instead of waiting for miracles“ was the talk to which numerous invited entrepreneurs and press representatives gathered in the Schlossberghalle in Wehingen on October 4th, 2018. Dr. Jürgen Häring, as a respresentative of the working group (which consists of  regional companies as well as the IHK, the HFU, and the ETS) presented the developed study solutions for securing the future of the Heuberg-Donautal economic region in an exciting evening event.  

One theme that attracted a great deal of interest, because the challenges for companies are numerous, was the situation of the growing shortage of skilled workers and the declining number of young professionals and how that deals with topics such as e-mobility or digitization and, of course, the economy itself – how technologies and processes are changing faster and faster and universities are looking for suitable future-proof study solutions.

Together with around 11 other companies from the Heuberg and the Donautal including the IHK, the HFU, and the Erwin-Teufel-School Spaichingen + Cluster-Initiative-Zerspanungstechnik and the HFU Förderverein, Anton Häring KG has set up a working group which is completely dedicated to the motto "Becoming active together." This group has actively taken on these challenges and is currently working on solutions - this involves the substantive and formal realignment of study programs in the areas of materials science, mechanical engineering, and production technology and mechatronics, with the following objectives:

  1. New, specially practice-oriented programs.
  2. A new dimension of regional, collaborative industrial enterprise cooperation.
  3. Orientation to the new Industry 4.0 requirements (e.g. with learning fields like digitization” as supplements to the classical engineering design).
  4. Establishments of a completely new unit of theory and practice, so that in future there will be skilled workers who can help shape the rapid change.

To achieve these goals, the economic cooperation should be intensified – with its own industrial campus like an “Industrial study” . Dr. Jürgen Häring sums up the established basic concept in this way: "The new form of study makes it possible to complete school and make in internship in just 4.5 years - and not at the expense of the parents, but with a monthly training salary. On top of that, the young junior staff still has the best prospects for the future, as we are completely refocusing the degree programs. With this new study solution, we are making ourselves attractive as a region for students and specialists, thus securing the future."

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