At the end of April, three junior employees were allowed to pack their bags: four exciting weeks consisting of a language course, internships and cultural diversity awaited them.

How can young people gain the most impressions and experiences in another country in the shortest time? They live and work there. Integrated into host families, three trainees from Anton Häring KG spent a month in the country, which is famous for its royal family, red double-decker buses, football and the Beatles.

Arrive, unpack, let's go! In their first week, the travelers took a language course and had a lot of time to settle in and explore the country. A visit to London at the end of the week - with the certificate of the passed course in their hands- was a highlight of an already exciting adventure. “We arranged our stay to be full of action and constantly made plans again and again to do things like eating typical meals of the area and going out on excursions. Of course, we wanted to get the most out of our time,"; says Kristina Grening, a trainee industrial clerk, summing up the trip.

Starting in the second week, the travelers went on to complete a 3-week internship at various companies. “It is important to us that our trainees really make the most of their time and can learn during their internships", emphasizes Miriam Häring about the importance of the internship. A visit from the teacher is also included to ensure that everything goes well. “After visiting our workplace, we went to the cinema together with our teacher. We had a really great time", says Grening. 

Dr. Jürgen Häring always likes to hear positive reports from his junior team: “A month in England should be fun with added value. We invest in the junior staff of tomorrow - not with pressure and compulsion, but because they want it themselves and are allowed to acquire the knowledge and experience in special training experiences like this. “Of course, this trip will also be available for future trainees.”

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